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AIM MyChron 4 2T Basic

359,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

for 2 Temperature Sensors
including RPM-Sensor and Magnetsensor


The modular data acquisition system for your kart
MyChron4 is the most complete instrument to sample, view and record all data concerning your kart.

Thanks to its modularity, MyChron4 can supply beginners with the essential information but also professionals with the most detailed and sophisticated data.
Actually, MyChron4 basic configuration acquires and records lap time, RPM and one temperature (water temperature for instance).

The same MyChron4, in its complete configuration, with eBox Extreme, GPS and Lambda controller, can immediately supply the following information:
* Lap time
* 3 temperatures
* Speed
* GPS speed
* Position and trajectories on the track
* Lateral and longitudinal acceleration
* Lambda value
* Throttle position
* Steering wheel position
* Brake pressure

Every racer can thus choose among numerous solutions: the basic configuration, the extended one or the intermediate solution which best fits its needs.

Moreover, thanks to Data key, you can record and download on a PC data recorded by MyChron4.

We've stepped up our technology with a pixel-based graphical display that easily shows large, easy to read numbers (like exhaust temps), sharp, detailed histograms and graphs (like torque curves), even graphics (like team logos).

Get more from your MyChron4 without the need to connect to a laptop, as you view power curves and RPM histograms right on the display.
Replay your entire racing session as soon as you get off the track.

There's more to the MyChron4 than just a pretty face.
* Two configurable alarm leds
* Configurable shift led
* Intuitive menu design for easy configuration
* Automatic start
* Long battery life (up to 200 hours with an internal 9V battery)
* 1 Mb of memory
* Digital graphic display with amber or green backlight.
* RPM and temperature alarm leds.
* MyChron4 Data key for fast data download to PC.
* MyChron4 eBox for a further improvement of the performance.

Your data - RPM, lap times and temperatures - at your command.
Sensors connect to your MyChron4 and feed it data from your kart. Measure your water temperature, the temperature of your exhaust or cylinder head and keep your engine at peak performance without losing control.
Make a quick check of your data right away with instant playback, making the most of your on track time. As always you can see your lap times as whole laps or partial laps (segments/splits).
Quickly compare times between laps to see what worked and what didn't.
And, as always, we stepped things up a notch by providing forecast lap time - a first in karting gauges.

Powerful, flexible graphical display for extreme visibility and easy customization
The advanced pixel-based graphic display adapts to each situation; showing large numbers during the session (when you can only spare a quick glance at the display) and easily switching to small, sharp text during analysis and review.
During data review you can select various styles of graphs and histograms, allowing you easily visualize your data right away.
Get the information you need to make sensible adjustments to your kart, engine, and driving strategy. Personalize your MyChron4 by putting in your name and team logo.
Driver names, dates and times download to the PC with the data, so you always know who did what and when. Throw out your paper log books for good.

MyChron4 is powerful and flexible - it adapts to your racing style and shows you exactly what you need - no more and no less
Our years of experience in data acquisition have lead to the development of lean, simplified analysis functions.
MyChron4's powerful processor and flexible display use these simplified functions to display your data as text, curves or histograms, easily adapting to your racing style.

Three alarm LEDs keep you in control of temperatures and RPM
Easily set min/max alarms for monitoring temperatures (side leds) or RPM (central led) to keep your engine at the top edge of its performance envelope.
These bright, easily configurable leds flash so you can easily tell when you're on the bleeding edge.
Advanced power management technology for endurance on the track
An internal 9V battery provides enough power for most karting; for those who demand more power there's an external battery connection.
On Briggs and Stratton engines, connect our magnet connector and draw power directly from your engine.

* Dimensions: 125,7 x 87,7 x 20,5 mm
* Weight: 293 g
* Waterproof IP65

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