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New Line Kühler 125 R

375,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

dimensions 200 x 430 x 40mm
including fixing kit

The R model by New-Line is a main radiator and so it is positioned to the left of the  pilot, opposite to the engine side of a kart. The R connects directly to the engine and, like all radiators, its function is to lower as much as possible the temperature of the boiling hot water that comes out of the engine. This is a simple process: water comes out of the engine, goes through the radiator grid where it cools down via ventilation, and once it is colder it goes back into the engine.
R was the first radiator to come out of the New-Line shop (in 1998) and so it was also the first to hit the market. It is the thinnest (20 cm) of all the so-called “main” radiators by New-line and this makes it perfect for climates with a brief hot period.
This radiator features two chambers, front and back, and an aluminium cap on top to let water into the system.
The R can be mounted together with an add-on radiator, either a Supplementare or a Hobby. It is fine for all categories, though it is advised especially for the amateurs and the KF2-3.
The radiator is available, on request, also in a hand-buffed chrome version.  

Technical informations

-Who makes it? Manufacturing this radiator requires two people: the first creates the parts using a cast and prepares them for assembly; the other then welds the pieces together by hand, one by one.
This radiator is made with an aluminium composed of three different alloys, to withstand the extremely high temperatures it is exposed to.
width 20 cm, height 43 cm, thickness 4 cm.
The R is comparable to the RS, its evolution, and the Big. What differentiates them is width: 20 cm for the R, 24 cm for the RS, and 29 cm for the Big. As a consequence, radiating mass and resulting efficacy are also very different.
Mounting bracket, cooling grid, aluminium cap, curtain, Supplementary add-on radiator, Hobby add-on radiator, deflector